About work
I make work that integrates video projection with sculpture. I utilize various materials to make installation, for example, wood, iron acrylic, fabric and etc. And then I take video projection into my physical object and installation. Video art is a work without physical properties. The use of physical material and projection mapping together can produce a visual result of a more diverse image.

I observe social phenomena around me from various points of view and reconstruct them from the artist's perspective. Social phenomena are based on the situation that occurs when people relate to each other in society. This is about relationships in human groups. This relationship extends from relationships between me and my friends to big relationships that govern society. I understand these social phenomena by focusing on the trivial things around me.        

The relationship between members of society creates two conflicting claims depending on their interests. This is also a reason for narrow-minded thinking and arguments. I try various interpretations from both perspectives, not from one perspective. In addition, through my works, I convey their relationship and my interpretation of it based on various conflicting themes. Through neutral thinking and the addition of new angles, viewers will be able to communicate with each other in works. Through this, they try to understand human relationships and, in turn, have a macroscopic perspective of understanding society as a whole.     

My works reveal the things around me. My surrounding environment affects my emotions and conditions and it directly connects to my works. The work begins from the question of what space I am in. Therefore, I concentrate on the keyword ‘Space’. This includes whole categories which are the meaning of space, physical space, and political space and etc. The works are shown differently depending on how I interpret their space. These interpretations range from conceptual explorations of the meaning of space and place to formal explorations of the geometric qualities and contours of spaces.