Invisible Watchers
Pictogram animation, 9 channel videos, 165 cm x 230 cm, 5 minutes, repetition, 2021

Virtual world, Daily life of people, Repetitive routine, Strict movements
This work is inspired by Eames' work, Glimpses of the USA, 1959. They used a Multi-screen from the control room or war room.

Signs and marks are on the street. They are colorful, simple, and their shapes are round and square. They are symbolic characters. Signs and marks have information and meanings. They give information to the public. Public follows the Road sign. This has meanings such as going straight, turning right, and stopping. This is the rule. They order us, and we follow it. Someone can drive or control the public, by manipulation through the signs and marks. Furthermore, someone surveils and restricts the public. This kind of thought can connect with mass media.

If someone sends signals and their messages, to control us, to incite us? What if there is one-sided communication, not communication with each other?