single channel, 2:24, digital video, installation. 2 x 3.6 m, 2020

Fast-rising chains and the mechanical movement of elevators are repeated. Behind such repeated artificial objects, lifeless bushes appear in rows. These are the last remaining bushes being protected inside the incubator.

The garden of the city is in the incubator. Nature exists and is managed by people, for people. The trees and bushes in the park on the loop resemble buildings' exterior. They are cut and organized by human hands to reflect what the people desire. Sometimes they are cut into rectangles like walls. They also occupy only a small space on the soil planted between concrete floors. People want to feel comfortable and relieve their stress in the garden. However, even such parks which are made for these reasons are far from natural. They are objects imitating nature by human hands and are ‘gardens’ in name only.