Alive #1
double channels, 5 minutes, repetition, projection mapping, 3D printing, 60 x 60 x 120 cm, 2020

I'm working on projecting uncomplicated ecological concepts into an artificial object. In the video’s images, architectural fragments are spread out and these pieces unite into one. New images appear one after another and disappear again. This is a representation of the process of architectural completion which is a process that also shows the lifespan and timeline of this building.

These architectural forms connect with each other and form a large social group called City. One large social group is a collection of systems created by each member and repeated as they die. The process of forming a city is similar to the way people form a society. I explore the point of view of the city as a giant organism in this work. At this point, buildings represent the individuals that make up a huge social group. I am studying their life and death, creation and transformation through my work. These opposing concepts are connected by repetition. The beginnings and ends of these creations and transformations are joined and rotate together in this work.